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At SECURE MOVING, we get many question about how to handle plants for a move and relocation.  

Your things get organized, the boxes packed orderly and the movers are booked, but what about your favorite green things, like your plants? relocation plants needs special care so definitely take time to attend a few of the following things.

If you spend a lot of time caring for the plants in your home, or if you have particularly expensive plants, you probably won’t want to throw them away when you move into a new home.

They barely relocation and they surely don’t complain about anything. But they’re actually very sensitive beings. And they will get as upset as your cat or dog about moving to a new locale — especially when moving involves spending a lot of time in a vehicle that’s not temperature controlled. They must be the last things in old home which get packed and first things to unpack when they arrive new home.


Our answer is the way the professional moving company in Vancouver do it:

– crumple up newspaper/butcher paper around the base of the plant, especially plants with canes/stalks. if they wobble around a lot, their roots will be damaged. tape these crumpled bunches down to the pot for extra security.

– wrap large sheets of butcher paper (or newspaper for smaller plants) around the pot forming a cone. We would definitely *not* recommend wrapping them in plastic. air holes will help, but this is still not ideal. either leave the top of the cone open or loosely fold it over.

– plants can be laid down in the back of a truck, but secure them so they’re not rolling around. also, put something (like a rolled up towel) under the bases of stalks to relieve some pressure where they lean.

– there is really no reason to put your plants in a dark room upon arrival, and I would actually recommend against it. they’ve been in the dark, they need light now! don’t put them right in the brightest sun on a hot day, but place them somewhere with bright filtered light for a day or so, then relocation them to their permanent locations.

– if you know before you move that the plant’s new home will have different lighting conditions, gradually ‘train’ it before you move by finding somewhere with similar light.

– avoid moving plants during freezing temperatures or the hottest day of the year. don’t bother moving plants if they’ll be in a truck overnight when it’s freezing– they won’t make it. give them to friends and let them live.

– don’t fret if they drop some leaves or look droopy for a few days. some plants are especially prone to dropping leaves at change (ficus, natal mahogany, etc.). it’s unfortunate, but they will likely recover.

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