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The most important Moving Safety Tips by Secure Moving LTD


Safety concerns for persons and personal possessions are among top rated concerns in a Moving process. Staying safe and healthy during a moving process means a meaningful and reasonable mix of preparation, proper equipment, and attending to physical needs before, during and after the move. It means planning ahead and taking some precautions can ensure a safer move for persons and personal possessions. 

Moving Safety Tips

Secure Moving LTD, a Moving Company in Vancouver has provided the following safety points to consider to avoid any injury and make your process safer for yourself and your belongings. Considering these tips will minimise the risks and at the same time reduces stress. So always remember that Safety comes first!

➢ Use Dollies, furniture sliders and hand trucks for carrying heavy things. Proper equipment is a key to Moving safety

➢ Learn safe lifting techniques for heavy objects. You can learn these techniques in Youtube as tutorial. Using these techniques avoid injuries during a move

➢ Wear suitable and appropriate clothes, shoes and hand gloves for Moving occasion. They should be comfortable and tight to your body. Be ready for all types of weather

➢ Stay hydrated, eat healthy foods for your moving day. Good sleep a day prior to it will help to have a safer move. Maintain your energy by fueling up with small meals and snacks

➢ Hire Professional mover teams who have good reputation. Professional movers are skillful, trained and equipped with proper tools to help you to have an efficient move

➢ Relocate your kids and pets. Put them off-site and away from hectic of Moving

 ➢ The packed boxes should be under 50 pounds (23 kg) weight. If a box is too heavy, don’t be shy to call for help. Call in backup and work as a team

➢ Make your walkway or doorway clear Of Obstacles beforehand. The outside areas, especially the pathways that lead to the moving truck should be absolutely free to ensure a frictionless moving

 ➢ Keep the valuable items like jewelries in the trunk of your car or in a bank safe deposit box until you get settled

➢ Don’t be in hurry and rush to have moving over asap. Spending some extra time makes sense as the process must be precise and this needs time

We understand that moving is very stressful, and the most difficult things you would ever do, but Secure Moving LTD makes it efficient and easy for you from beginning to the end covering all kinds of moving job including residential, commercial and office move. To book Vancouver B.C residential moving services make sure to Contact Us and we will be more than happy to hear and help you!

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