Packaging tips and tricks part 1

Packaging tips and tricks part 1

Packing the stove and the washing machine

  • Place the stove and the washing machine in their specific boxes. If you do not have their special boxes, use blankets or bubble nylons for packaging. Proper packaging will help decrease the amount of damage to the home items.
  • Fasten the screws of the automatic washing machine for safe transportation. These screws are located at the back of the washing machine.
  • Open the hoses and pipes of the stove, washing machine, and dishwasher and pack them properly.
  • Fasten the door of the washing machine, the dishwasher and the stove with a wide adhesive.
  • Fasten the glass door of the stove with a wide adhesive.

Packing of the furniture

  • If you do not have a special cover for your furniture, use a blanket for their coverage.
  • Do not use the furniture legs for pushing and pulling or even moving them.

Packaging of the carpet

  • First, make sure the handmade rugs are healthy. The carpets should be free of any kind of stains.
  • Wrap the carpet in its own plastic or cloth.
  • Wrap the rug packaging in a tilted manner with the rope.

Packaging of the computer or the laptop

  • Computers or laptops should be transported in their special boxes.
  • Make the wires, cables, and other items separate from the computer and pack them.
  • Put the computer and all its items in bubble nylon.
  • Wrap the computer case with polystyrene packaging.
  • Put the computer vertically inside the box and cover the empty spaces with something to decrease the damage.
  • Having finished all the items, fasten the box with the wide adhesive and write the word BREAKABLE on the box in bold or with a red pen.

Following the above- mentioned points will bring about safety in the transportation process.

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