Transportation of valuable items in moving

Transportation of valuable items in moving

The procedure of transporting valuable items in moving has its own specific features. You can even use your personal vehicle for such a risky process. The procedures for transporting precious items while moving are as follows:


Packing valuable items in moving

·      You should pack valuable items separate from other items in the moving. For gaining a high level of safety, you can use special packaging while doing this.

·      Packaging of valuable items should be in such a way that they occupy a smaller space. Having them packed in the right way will lead to safe moving of them to the new place.

·      Write BREAKABLE in bold or with a red pen on the packaging of valuable items so that workers pay more attention to these boxes while transferring them.

·      You can use glass wool and thick bubble nylons while packing these valuable items.


valuable items

The layout of items in the vehicle for the purpose of moving

After packing the items properly, you’d better make sure that they are in a safe place. If this procedure is done with concern and precision, everything will be satisfactory. Here are some important points for the layout of the items in the vehicle:

·      Use a transportation vehicle that is big enough to transport all your items once.

·      First put the large and bulky packages in the vehicle. Fasten large packages with a rope so that to avoid their movement in the vehicle while transportation is happening.

·      Do not put the BREAKABLE packages under or beside the packages which will probably fall down in the moving process.

·      Place some glass wool and thick bubble nylons in between the packages to make all the packages not move during the transportation process.

·      Before starting transportation, make sure the safety of all the packages yourself.

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