Key points in packing kitchen utensils
kitchen utensils

Key points in packing kitchen utensils

Key points in packing kitchen utensils

Packing kitchen utensils is one of the most challenging parts of moving. There are cabinets full of utensils which makes the job of packaging difficult. However, there are some points which help you pack in a proper way.

Simplification and preparation of the utensils

Pack kitchen utensils according to how and when you use them:• Utensils you use daily: put them aside and pack them at last. These utensils include dishes, cooking pots, spoons, forks, etc. Pack them in a special box and write the word BREAKABLE in bold or with a red pen on the box.• Utensils you use occasionally: pack them right at the beginning.• Utensils you don’t use at all: do not pack them! Yes. If you don’t use them at all, so you don’t need them at all. Put them aside and get rid of them. You can also give them to centers that may make the best use out of them.

kitchen utensils

Preparing what is needed for packing

First prepare what is needed such as wooden, paper, or plastic boxes; wide adhesive; special boxes for transporting utensils; scissors; bubble nylons; newspapers; etc.

Packing electrical appliances

Using the original boxes for packing electrical appliances is the best way of packing them. Otherwise, wrap them in newspapers or bubble nylon. Put some foam or papers in the box and then put the electrical appliances on them for the sake of safety.

Packing bowls, plates, and glasses

Bowls and plates are the utensils that are used every day. Pack the plates and bowls separately in the newspapers or bubble nylons. Then put them in the boxes. Write the word BREAKABLE in bold or with a red pen on the box.

Packing the pots

For packing the pots, use large and firm boxes. Put smaller pots in the bigger ones to save some space.