How to pack the home items as quickly as possible

How to pack the home items as quickly as possible

For a quick and easy moving, you should pay attention to the following points:•

  • Plan and prepare yourself for moving.
  • First clean up the new place you wish to move in, and then start moving.• 
  • Try to plan on weekends or holidays in which the traffic congestion is low.
  • Ask help form organizations that do the job of moving in case if needed.

Cleaning the items

Before packing the items, wash or clean them up completely. Throw away the unnecessary items such as broken toys, timeworn beds, old textbooks, etc. Clean the carpets well and make sure they are healthy.

Packing the items

The first step in moving is packing the items. Before starting the packing process, prepare all the items you need such as firm boxes, plastic or wooden baskets, old newspapers, bubble nylons, thick ropes for moving the boxes, wheeled baskets, etc.


Having finished the packing process and the investigations necessary for the safety, call the transportation organization you arranged previously and then wait for them to come. Use a vehicle appropriate for the number of items in your home. Having some experienced staff in a transportation organization, helps you decrease the time and expenses in the whole process. Put the bigger and more bulky items such as the TV set or the refrigerator at the back of the vehicle. You can place the lighter boxes above the heavier ones. Place them so that you don’t need extra vehicles for transportation.

Sorting the items in their specific places

After the transportation and unpacking the items in a new house, it is time for placing them in their specific places. Start with the kitchen and put aside the boxes, then move on to other parts of the home such as the living room, or bedrooms.

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