Why you should write each person’s name on boxes during moving?

Why you should write each person’s name on boxes during moving? Clean and prepare your new home before moving in. To avoid being confused, it is best to make a list of the things you need to do and the stuff you want to have. You can plan a schedule to pack your belongings and not face all the stress and pressure of having to move in just one day. If you have a kid, be sure to find a solution, so they don’t disturb you during your moving day. Keep him or her safe and secure with a relative if possible.


Moving is a good opportunity to throw away extra stuff and not bring them to your new home. Fragile items should be packed more carefully. We recommend starting with these first and then moving on to other items. On each of the boxes, write down some information that relates to the contained items. This information can include the contents of the boxes or family members’ names. To avoid having to carry the heavy boxes while moving, get smaller ones, and pack your things. Try not to have empty spaces in them. Fill all the boxes’ spaces with stuff, and if there are still spaces between them, fill them with things like newspapers, clothes, etc. This will prevent the equipment from crashing and possibly breaking.

Before you leave the old house and head to your new home, look around and make sure you have nothing left. Once you arrive at the new house, open the packed boxes in order and put the contents in their designated places. For example, you should not put a box containing fragile kitchen utensils in a bedroom, and the same goes for clothes in the kitchen. It is best to start in the kitchen first and then work your way on to the restrooms and bedrooms. Remember to arrange the bigger things first and then go for the smaller ones

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