Paint or Wallpaper? An article by Secure Moving LTD

Paint or Wallpaper? An article by Secure Moving LTD

Paint or Wallpaper? Are you a fan of charming wallpapers or you prefer simple walls? Or maybe want some paints on them? Follow this secure moving article and you will definitely get some tips and ideas about it.

WHETHER you choose to cover your walls with paint or wallpaper is a matter of personal taste. Basically, people choose wallpaper when they want to add pattern or texture to a room. 

The walls will fall into one of two categories: 

painted walls, 

or papered walls.

Both paint and wallpaper comes in unlimited varieties and colors. Wallpaper and paint can range in price from the low end to the high end of the cost spectrum. Wallpaper on average is more expensive to buy the rolls, supplies and to have it installed.  Paint on average is cheaper and needs very few supplies, and an amateur can apply it. Notice that inexpensive wallpaper can be purchased and if you do it yourself can cut down on installation costs. Similarly, with paint, higher end faux paint finishes, and textured paint can be expensive especially if it needs to be professionally applied. Also A combination of both isn’t a bad idea. 

Using paint and wallpaper have pros and cons. Factors to consider are ease of application, cost, and versatility to your space.  Whichever you choose your walls will benefit from the addition of paint or wallpaper.

WALLPAPER: PROS: Very lasting and will hold up to wear and rupture of children. CONS: Removing present wallpaper can be a boring and hard task that requires patience and the right tools to be effective.  plucking wallpaper can be done with chemicals or stripping tools, but care must be taken or damage can result to the wall.  Since wallpaper is applied with an adhesive, high wet bathrooms and kitchens may cause wallpaper to peel away from the wall.


PAINT: PROS: paint is a good option for areas that need to have an inexpensive and easy application. If you are painting over a damaged wall, prepare imperfections with spackle and let dry 24 hours in advance.  Applying primer paint in advance to painting over darker color paint will make your painting preparation easier. Painting requires considerably less preparation time than wallpaper. CONS: When walls are damaged, scraped or hit, paint can chip and repairing and repainting will be necessary.



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