Bad Cleaning Habits to be Stopped !

Everyone is keen to maintain cleanliness of his home. In order to fulfil this mission anyone has learnt instinctively some DIY techniques and methods and uses them on regular basis to keep his house fresh and hygienic. Nevertheless there are some Bad cleaning habits among these techniques which must be stopped.

Bad cleaning habits do not only add hours to our cleaning time, but they also make our cleaning effort futile and inefficient. The good news is that correcting some of these bad habits can increase the efficiency of our efforts for home cleaning dramatically. So Do not feel guilty and learn from your mistakes and do not be creatures of habit !


Secure Moving LTD enlists the most important points for you to consider while cleaning after getting advice from experts of this field. The following Bad cleaning habits you’d be better off breaking to make cleaning faster and easier:


  • Allowing Paper Clutter to Accumulate like Magazines, newspapers, school papers and paper letters
  • Leaving Dirty greasy Dishes in the Sink & Using too much dish soap
  • Wearing Outside Shoes in the House
  • Leaving Wet Towels and Shower Curtains Bunched Up on the floor
  • Waiting Until the Cleaning Job Is Overwhelming
  • Forgetting to use product directions
  • Trying to do Multitasking 
  • Storing Cleaning Products Incorrectly
  • Using One Disinfectant Wipe to Clean Entire Bathroom
  • Using Too Much Cleaning Product and in Excess
  • Cleaning With Dirty cleaning Tools
  • Heading Straight for Harsh Cleaning Products
  • You don’t finish what you start
  • Stuffing Everything in One Place
  • Not Closing the Shower Curtain
  • Using Bleach as a Cleaner
  • Storing Moldy Bath Mats & Shower Curtains
  • Using too much paper towels


Cleaning is one of the most laborious tasks, and with these bad habits, it becomes even more challenging to keep. Secure Moving LTD in cooperation with Serena Cleaning LTD as one of the most flexible mobile cleaning companies to date is dedicated to deliver the highest quality of Residential, and commercial cleaning services. We can handle all types of jobs regardless of the project size and our priority is making sure our clients are completely satisfied. Our mission is to ensure the best quality service, and extensive attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our flexible services and our expertise. Our clients can expect only the best from us, and nothing less.

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