Hazards in your Home sweet home which can make you sick

Hazards in your Home sweet home which can make you sick

When we compare the way of living between generations, we can identify that the way of living has been changed dramatically between various generations. Our homes are supposed to be the safest place of the world as we rest and renew ourselves and make ourselves ready for new challenges of the outdoor life but unfortunately there are some conditions which make them not so healthy to live.

For most of human history, human being has lived in housing with lots of fresh air. Now we have air tight doors and windows, caulking and insulations that do not let enough ventilation into a home. Energy efficient Star rated homes that reduce fresh air infiltration into homes based on energy conservation are considered the “gold standard’ nowadays. This overall lack of fresh air can increase levels of indoor contaminants and humidity.

Anyone uses nowadays chemicals to clean and to add fragrance to the indoor air, spray pesticides, lead paints, air fresheners, candles and asbestos in homes. Beside them as a result of modern way of life we use plastics and foams that can off gas chemicals. These are all made from potentially toxic chemicals. 

Indeed there are many environmental problems in your home which can be converted to a real risk factor when you leave them untreated. There are always at least one of these potential hazards in your home which can make you sick and you must address it accordingly to prevent it from causing problems. 

Secure Moving LTD has provided you the list of Common corners of your home and things that can make you sick in your home:

➢Hidden Mold & Mildew most probably due to High humidity and Improper ventilation

➢Your Household harsh chemical cleaning Products & Artificial fragrance

➢Kitchen Blender

➢Lead Paint and Asbestos

➢Vacuum Cleaners and Dust inside it which is a good place for breeding bacteria 

➢Door Handles, Computer Keyboards, Washing Machines and Dishwashers

➢Central Heating and/or Cooling System Vents

➢Refrigerator Trays & Drawers and Refrigerator Handle

➢Water damage and Leaky Pipes. Dirty faucets and sinks

➢Tightly sealed or poor ventilated corners

➢Unwashed Bed Sheets, carpets and Bath Mats

➢Wall-to-Wall Carpet

➢Dirty Can Openers

➢Display of your cellphones and tablets 

➢Your Shower Head which contains high amount of bacteria

➢Contaminated Heating and Cooling Systems 

➢Your pet’s fur, dander and fecal matter

➢Re-usable grocery bags

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