Reserving Parking spot permit for moving van

Reserving Parking spot permit for moving van

There are many points that must be planned and checked off the list before your moving day. One of them, if you don’t have a driveway and live in a busy area, is a parking spot permit for your moving van at a specific time. Indeed it is not a big deal but it is mandatory to secure a parking spot permit nearest the front of your home for moving day in order to have frictionless and faster process.

If you don’t secure any parking spot for your moving truck, you should accept to walk long distances from your house to the far parked van carrying heavy furnitures and your possessions, which makes your total process more time & energy wasting for you and your moving team. As extra time spent on moving will cost you more money, so it is best to secure a spot near your house to cut the moving costs and to perform a quick moving. 

There are numerous way to accomplish this task. You can either do it through applying by local police or government center or ask the companies who do this service for you. City staff will post signs at the reserved spot for that specific time. Keep in mind that the street space you need to reserve have to be an actual parking spot. If you don’t reserve a specific spot and the city needs that specific spot at that time for street sweeping, construction and etc, they could tow the moving truck at your expense which is really a disgusting experience. In spite of reserving a parking spot, you must ensure provisions for pedestrian safety and emergency vehicles when necessary.

After the moving has been done, make sure to clean up any dirts and debris left behind and remove any parking signs or fliers after your move.


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