Your very First day in new house after Moving by Secure Moving Ltd

Moving into your new house can be both exciting and overwhelming. In your very first day, most of the Moving stress and hectic is over and a successful relocation has been done but still you have number of essential things in your to-do-list to tick. 

There are so many things to do to arrange all the things in the first day in a new house. We as Secure Moving Ltd have gathered these 10 points and share them with you to handle your tasks and overcome the main obstacles of your first day stay. 

➢ Check your Moving inventory list and inspect your possessions based on the list

➢ In case if you’re a renter, document the condition of your home immediately after you move into it and share this report with your landlord to secure your deposit. You can make this by taking photos and writing a document

➢ Meet the Neighbours and introduce yourself to them and try to leave them a good impression of yourself. Don’t forget that First impression counts a lot

➢ Put all of your moving boxes in the right place to make it easier to unpack in next days. You can slowly unpack them based on your necessity 

➢ Unpack and arrange your essential absolute necessity items, those which are labelled as “Open-First” Boxes

➢ Install your home essential appliances like refrigerator, washing machine and stove 

➢ Put all the furniture together and put them where they supposed to go finally

➢ Ensure the safety, comfort and happiness of your children at new place and plan for a pleasant night which includes a good dinner and comfortable beds. Make your beds the best way you can

➢ Take Care Of Your Pets in case you have any. Provide them with food, water and bedding. Use some of their favourite toys to overcome the stress of new home

➢ Celebrate and don’t forget to take photos for your memory 


We understand that moving is very stressful, and the most difficult things you would ever do, but Secure Moving LTD makes it efficient and easy for you from beginning to the end covering all kinds of moving job including residential, commercial and office move. To book Vancouver B.C residential moving services make sure to Contact Us and we will be more than happy to hear and help you!



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