Tips for moving an Aquarium by Secure Moving Ltd

Owners of an Aquarium enjoy it a lot and a delicate Aquarium brings them pleasure, but moving an aquarium is a huge challenge and strenuous task and without having any idea about it, it can be a real nightmare. 

With proper planning beforehand, careful lifting and the proper tools it is certainly doable to safely move an aquarium and its contents from one place to another, otherwise they don’t survive the move, as Moving is a stressful condition for fish. 

Secure Moving Ltd can share some very crucial provided points to consider while moving an Aquarium which can be very helpful and catalyse your process by increasing the moving safety of your delicate with minimal disruption and in good health. You need only to follow these steps on fish moving day to have successful moving with minimal upset.

➢ Discontinue feeding process of your fish two days before the move

➢ Secure a certain container to store your fish temporarily on Moving day. The best choice can be special plastic fish bags. So just gently net the fish and put them in this container and count them

➢ Turn off your water heater before taking water out of your aquarium

➢ Store some of the aquarium water to don’t fill it completely with new fresh water, this would cause break down of its eco system

➢ Before moving empty and clean your fish tank. Bring out all decorative items such as stones, plants, ships, pumps, filters, and sand

➢ Pack the empty Aquarium as a fragile item. You can use old blankets and towels for this purpose

➢ Do not put any item on Aquarium during the Move in the Van as it is easily breakable. When you arrive at your new home, take out the aquarium first and put it in its final place

➢ Apply LiFo strategy in a truck, So Last in and First out. Aquariums are last item to load and first item to unload from moving truck. After unloading check the surface thoroughly

➢ The process of reassembling and operating the aquarium have to be done asap after Moving. For this purpose start with the sand, rocks, and decorations

➢ Use previously stored water to fill the Aquarium to have untouched  and consistent ecosystem. When needed to add more, use boiled water which is free of bacteria to refill the fish tank. boil water and let it cool down to reach room temperature

➢ Before turning the heaters on, let the fish tank sit for a few hours to equalise the room temperature and the water temperature


For the case that you have Aquarium moving, please give Secure Moving a call at 1-6047243432 today to see if we can help make your move easier or request a quote online.

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