The 15 Don’ts of a Moving. What to avoid on moving day?

Relocation from your old home to your new residence costs tremendous amount of effort and money and is sometimes tedious & stressful if you don’t consider “Don’ts of a Moving“. 

In order to save energy and money, there are some compiled “Don’ts of a Moving“ points that Secure Moving Ltd share with you and they should be considered while moving and avoiding some of these common moving mistakes can make the process more efficient and ensure a smoother transition.

  1. Hiring non professional movers, who have no certificate, but only because they offer cheap prices
  2. Not booking the moving company ahead of time
  3. Avoiding to inform the moving company of the obstacles of your residence
  4. Collecting useless sentimental stuff and try to move it to you new residence, so clear out before you pack
  5. Relying totally on friends or family member and try to be DIY in all senses
  6. Not packing fragile items with extra care
  7. Not having an inventory of at least your valuable possessions
  8. Making the moving boxes too heavy for lifting
  9. Not labelling the moving boxes properly
  10. Not changing your mail address in post office website
  11. Forgetting to make moving-day arrangements for your pets
  12. Lifting and carrying heavy boxes by yourself. You need some special equipments that a professional moving company can provide to avoid risking your health
  13. Moving in a wrong peak season
  14. Neglecting the weather forecast for Moving day
  15. Trying to move anything in one trip with nothing left behind


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