Should We Choose September Or May For Visiting Canada?

Vancouver weather can be very changeable and difficult to predict. Like everywhere else, the weather is changing. Have a look at the historical data in the Environment Canada website, not just for this past May and September. 

The last two weeks in May are often beautiful and has lovely flowers in bloom. The further you get from April, which can be quite blustery, the better the weather.

Canada, September
Canada, September

In May, the trees will be in full bloom – Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, Van Dusen Gardens, and in Victoria – Butchart Gardens. As we are coming off our winter, the days work hard at getting warm.

The first two weeks in September are often a continuation of the last two weeks in August – just cooler. September has that lovely golden light that enhance picture-taking. 

The sun is warm, but the air temperature a little cool, particularly at night and as the days pass.

In September, school goes back in the day after Labour Day which is the first Monday of September. And one of the busiest weekends of the year on the roads and on the ferries to Vancouver Island. The weather may be more stable.

It’s just the way it is there, you have to take the rain when it comes. Don’t forget all that rain is what can be thanked for making so much of the area beautiful. 

Be prepared and bring an umbrella, do what the locals do when it rains and just go out and do what you were going to do anyways. It doesn’t get long periods or full days of HEAVY rain.

in late September If you wait until Labour Day weekend has passed then it is a little quieter at anything touristy that you might be going to. Prices may be slightly down, but it is still a popular time.

The temperatures in the day are just right for enjoying outdoor activities. Of course there is the chance of rain, but generally we have always found September to be a nice month.

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