Most Populist City In Canada 1.

Most Populist City In Canada 1.

Canada is a nation of variety differences and cultural richness as it is made up of people from all around the world. It has two national languages – French and English which makes visiting Canada like visiting two places at the same time.




The biggest population center in British Columbia, Vancouver is restricted by water and has one of the mildest climates of all Canadian cities. Vancouver features a growing economy and a particularly several populations. A popular destination for South Asian and Chinese immigrants, Vancouver is one of the best choice when it comes to outdoor living. An energetic cultural center and a Thriving social spot, Vancouver is a diamond on Canada’s west coast. 


2. Toronto

The largest city in Canada and probably the most famous, Toronto is not the country’s capital (Ottawa is), but it is the Ontarian. Like a more civilized, clean-cut New York, Toronto has its skyscrapers downtown, glitzy shopping in Yorkville and Bohemian districts in Queen Street West. It is also home to the CN Tower, once the world’s tallest, at 1,815 feet.

3. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa has the highest standard of living in Canada and among the functional government buildings you’ll also find multiple architectural gems. It also happens to be one of the top 10 best places for Canadians to retire. Plus, it’s home to definitely the most attractive national leader in the world.


Markham is a suburb north of Toronto that is easily accessible from Toronto by transit or highway; it’s right next door to Richmond Hill. Markham has a high volume of immigrant settlers, the largest portion of “visible minorities” identifying as Chinese (45%). The second largest population of visible minorities identify as South Asian (17.8%) followed by the Black community (2.9%). Although once known for being an agronomic community, Markham now boasts itself as the “hi-tech capital” of Canada.

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