How To Live Frictionless With Our Home Mates? Secure Moving Ltd.

How To Live Frictionless With Our Home Mates? Secure Moving Ltd.

If you’re like most young men leaving the home for the first time, you probably won’t have enough money to live all by yourself or rent an independent house. One of the ways to cut the costs is to bunk with a home mates which is a big transition. Having a home mate can help you live a life that is more comfortable, connected, and cheaper with home mates.

home mates
home mates

But the disadvantage of this type of living is that they can pose many challenges, conflicts and awkward social moments for us. 

Whether you’re moving in with a friend or a stranger, many of the same issues will occur and cause friction in our relationship. Friction occurs because not everyone was raised like you and different people have different attitudes and habits specially when it comes to personal life.

It’s important to deal with the issues as they occur because you will be spending a fair amount of time with this person (or people).

Followings we mention some tips to effectively manage the home mate relationship:

1. Create a home mate Agreement

The first tip is to to have an agreement of understanding of both parties, if it is not more. Doing so make it more understandable and is a good basis to refer to in times of challenge and fewer accusations.

Knowing how often cleaning should be done, when to pay the shares of the rent and utility bills or what habits you’ll have to change will allow home mates to effectively plan their schedules and avoid arguments over details.

Don’t be defensive and uptight. You want everyone to be as open and frank as possible.

Mention if smoking is allowed or not, as well when is the last time to shut down the TV or anything which includes your daily activity. It’s best to discuss early on how you want to manage food or how to organise an event if any.

2. Divide the tasks in a fair way

With everything laid out and structured, there will be less confusion and arguments about the daily shared tasks. A chores chart is a fine idea as people are more willing to do them if they’re shared. Create a chart and designate a person to each task and week.

To motivate you and your home mates you can alternate the tasks based on the dates of the week or the weeks of the month. 

3. Communicate openly about the issues

It’s important to sit down with your home mates and work out what is bothering both of you and what each of you wants to be changed. Be as open and honest as possible.

Letting your home mate knowing about a problem will make him aware of the problem and work with you towards solving it. If something annoys you, be brave and discuss it with your mates frankly to avoid future conflicts. 

4. Public areas and noise

If people are studying or do shift work, they’re likely to be far more noise sensitive. You need to talk about when and how often guests can stay over. Try to respect your housemates’ personal space, and ask them to do the same for you.

Always remember that Good friends do not always make good home mates. Good home mates do not always make good friends and you aren’t obliged to hang out together all the time.

It’s easier to accept that people are going to live how they want to than try to change how they live. 

At the end of the day, you’re in a shared space, so you’ll have to compromise here and there.


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