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Feeling confused before and during moving is not deniable. A few weeks before you start pack, reduce your stuff and clean your house. Not only will you have less to pack, but when you do, you’ll be more organized and have space to move around indeed.


The fewer boxes you have the less destination your movers will have to make at both locations. Many people pack in a hurry. That little space may not seem like much if you are packing up home household, but you will be surprised at what you can still put in there.

Not only are you fitting more items in the box, you help decrease the risk of stuff breaking because of jiggling around. If you start packing in advance, you can take your time and pack every single box organized by yourself.

When you are packing  breakables, wrap them in towels, blankets,paper sheets,newspapers, and even t-shirts. There is no point spending money on bubble wrap when these things mentioned will need to get packed anyway.

Small gaps are perfect for balls of socks, rolled tank tops, mittens, etc. 

while you pack and begin moving, avoid picking heavy things. Weight is something you can control by the way you pack. Books and other items that are heavy comparing to their size should be packed in tiny and tight boxes.

Before the box is full, test it to make sure it can be easily moved.

Before wrapping large pictures and mirrors, use masking tape to form an “X” across the glass. Wrap these items generously, and make sure any empty space in the carton is filled with paper or other material that minimizes movement.

Electronics like TV’s, computers, laptops, tablets, stereo systems and video game systems are basic parts of today’s households and are typically very fragile! If you’re planning to pack your electronics for your move, make sure to take special care when handling them.

Tie the cables and wires with twist ties and place them in sealable bags. Do not forget to label the bags and place the cables and wires in the same box as the electronic device they belong with.

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