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Computers, tablets, video game systems, stereo equipment and televisions are all high-dollar investments, and you want to make sure those investments are not damaged when moving. Electronics are fragile items among all the things you pack up prior to a move.

Ensuring your electronics are properly protected, packed, and shipped is an important part of moving day. Knowing how to properly pack your items is a good skill to have.

moving TV
moving TV

The followings are a few tips and tricks for packing electronics during your move:

Back Up Your Documents, Photos, and Videos:

Use an external hard drive or memory sticks, or an internet-based security system to back up copies of your important documents. you have to be prepared in case some kind of damage occurs to your electronic equipment during transit.

Take Photographs of all Cables and Accessories and Label them:

Several appliances, like televisions, stereos, and lighting systems, that require cables to work properly.  Photographing how cables are connected to your devices before you move will ensure you know how to reinstall them in your new home. Another way is to use color stickers for cords to recognise them for installing.

Easily place small colored stickers on each cord and the same color sticker where the cord connects to the device.

Save boxes for repacking

If possible, save the original boxes and packing materials for repacking. Otherwise, you won’t find packing materials that fit as well.

Use Soft Materials to Pack Your Items: 

Use Anti-static packing materials like Bubble wrap, towels, and blankets all make for great packing material to ensure your electronics stay safe on moving day and label it “FRAGILE” and “THIS SIDE UP”.

Do not use any materials that can conduct electricity. Place a thick layer of antistatic bubble wrap at the bottom of the box.

Tie the cables and wires with twist ties and place them in sealable bags.

Check the temperature in storage

Sensitive electronics such as computers and TVs may need to be stored in climate-controlled units. Seek advice from the manufacturer or your storage facility. Ink cartridges are especially sensitive to extreme temperatures, so avoid the mess and put them into a plastic bag for your move.

Use packing tape

Seal boxes completely with packing tape to keep out the dust.

Be careful when unpacking your electronics

Deliver the boxes into the rooms where you plan to install the still unpacked equipment. You might still damage an electronic item during the unpacking process so take your time and do it with caution. You are advised to wait at least 24 hours before plugging in and turning your electronic devices after the move.

Give it enough time to acclimate to the different temperature and humidity values.

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