How to move our valuable objects to new home?

How to move our valuable objects to new home?

The point is nothing will happen during the move if you drop books or some clothes on the floor during the move or maybe break a plate accidently. You wouldn’t be upset too much or probably during your move tell yourself it’s OK. What if these things were your valuable items you wanna move? Absolutely it is not OK this time! 

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The following packing tips will teach you how to pack your valuables safely during move. discuss this critical issue with your moving company as they can advise you on whether it’s necessary to buy extra insurance at all, and if it is, then they can also help you get that additional coverage for your expensive and delicate possessions.

  • Decide what is valuable for you during move

Make an Inventory from all valuable items that you own.

SECURE MOVING TEAM want you to expand your definition of “valuable”. Kids are already going through such a big change, if they have a specific teddy bear or something, it’s a valuable item if they need it to sleep.

Also, keep any type of documents that accompany your valuables such as receipts, bills, warranty cards, certificates of authenticity, etc. – keep them in a moving binder together with other types of personal or move-related documentation.

We suggest you pack them in a box before moving and put any new important paper that you find in future days. 

Your first and most important defense against transportation damage is pack them very careful.

Get a few rolls of bubble wrap and a good amount of white packing paper from your local office supply store or directly from your moving company. Packing valuable items are different for example;

 Jewelries should transport and store in jewelry boxes. if you don’t have one on the moment wrapping bracelets and necklaces with some toilet paper tissues! You can use outdated business cards to keep your long earrings organized and protected during a move.

An egg carton can be used for storing earring and rings of different shapes and sizes. Don’t label a box ‘My Gold Jewelry, you want to think that everyone is honest and all of that, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Antique furniture Use as many moving blankets as you can to protect the entire surface of antique furniture pieces, especially any legs or arms that protrude from the main frame.

OR expensive kitchen sets, priceless wine collections, pricey musical instruments, inestimable family heirlooms, or various specialty items you may own – are usually too fragile, so they need extra protection.

  • Check your stuff before you let the movers go

Once your belongings have been delivered to the final destination, make sure to do a final walk-through before the movers close up the truck and drive off into the sunset.

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