How clean do you have to leave a house when you move?

How clean do you have to leave a house when you move?

How much clean house should be for new person or family who will live after? Nobody would want to live in a new house that is dirty. For this reason, having a moving house cleaning plan is important to stay organized and clean efficiently after relocation.


As you load your last box into the moving truck your hard work isn’t done yet. Before your relocation can be complete it is important to thoroughly clean your house or apartment to pass inspection with your landlord or the new owner of your home. 

It is basic courtesy; would you like to arrive to your new house to find out that on top of the decor or cupboards in kitchen or maybe the whole house is not clean? 

Every time SECURE MOVID TEAM have moved a house, have found the new house clean, most of the times with a nice note from the previous owners and something special in occasion: a flower, local magazine, nice smells and etc Please do the same when you leave it is just good manners.

Leave your house in the state of cleanliness you would like the house you are moving into to be in.

The following is a moving house cleaning list of items that can be applied before and after house moves:

General cleaning

Wash the inside and outside of all windows.

Remove all nails from the walls.

Clean out the fireplace.

Mop the floors.

Vacuum and shampoo the carpet or stem clean them.

Remove and dispose all rubbish.

Professional Cleaning
Professional Cleaning


Mop the kitchen floor.

Wash the inside of the refrigerator and Allow it to dry completely.

Defrost and clean the freezer.

Clean the inside of the stove, top of stove, exhaust fan, hood, and bottom drawer.

Wipe cupboards inside and out.

Wipe down countertops and the sink.


Mop the floor.

Clean the bathtub, sink and fixtures.

Clean the toilet inside and out.

This basic moving house cleaning plan will simplify your cleaning process immensely. The time that it takes you to clean your house will depend greatly on the size of your home and the current condition that it is in.

For thorough moving house cleaning, it is recommended to rent a professional carpet steam cleaner to remove deep dirt deposits from carpeting. You can rent an individual carpet cleaner for personal use or you can hire a carpet steam cleaning company to do the work for you.


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