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The question of whether a mover is licensed can be distracting. What if the mover is licensed in one region but not another? Do all regions require movers to be certified? You are basically giving your belongings to strangers, so making sure you hire a licensed company.

When we hear company, the word “license” gives us the peace of mind that the company is guaranteed to meet certain standards of quality.


Moving company licensing rules are twisted and sometimes understood to a person just looking to hire someone. However, the primaries can be understood, so you can at least know whether your moving company should have a license of some kinds. Nowadays most of people when shopping around for movers start online. Therefore, when you find a few moving companies online you should figure out how professional and experienced is their website.

Of course, it’s not about telling you that the mover is licensed. Look around their website to find their DOT and MC license numbers. Proof of a company’s license can be acquiring with a Department of Transportation number which is also called a DOT number. It should be obvious and visible on every page.

Besides DOT numbers can be easily detection from your chosen moving company agent or from some paperwork that they may have provided you with. DOT numbers are essential for moving whether the company is moving within the province or out of province.

When you are searching for movers, you should also check if they are licensed to do your type of move. Many companies are limited to carrying only local moves, while others can carry out long distance and commercial moves. While the moving company is registered with your province, if you are moving long distance, you should check if the movers are registered to do moves to the province of your aim and all province in between.

Another method to verify that your hired company is statutory you should also check to see if they have the valid action potency that is required for moving. What this means is that the operating authority would tell you if the movers are licensed to move household items, hardware materials, etc. The operating authority would also determine the areas in which the company is able to manage in.

On the other hand, all moving companies must be insured, in case they destroy or break your stuff during the move. So, if your movers misremember to lock up the back of the truck and your furniture falls out, they should have to pay for the detriments.

However, if the moving company is not insured, and if they don’t have any money, then you might be out of luck. Making certain your movers have insurance is making sure someone (besides you) will pay if your stuff is damaged.

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