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You may have heard a lot that moving house is too stressful. But you have to add another fact that the moving process is Unfortunately expensive too, and you’ll maybe be really stressed out even before the real moving preparations have begun.

Moving home is both stressful and expensive – nobody can possibly deny that – It includes man and machine power, tough work, travel and packing items as well as more elements that make the relocation happen. There are methods to reduce moving costs and lower your moving expenses.

One of this methods is moving by yourself! The cheapest, but usually not the fastest way is to move yourself. In this case you should pack and wrapping the households, disassembling and reassembling of furniture by yourself or maybe you are lucky and have family or some friends to give you a hand. It takes time thou. And don’t forget supplements for moving like boxes. good news is nowadays you can find some boxes free too.

there are so many shops and local markets which you can tell them in advance to save them for you. If you couldn’t find them for free it’s not a big deal! rent some boxes. So you packed now and ready to move new house. here is the problem! how you carry stuffs there?


Rent a truck and drive it yourself. Call all the major truck rental companies and all the local companies you know. To save on moving truck rental even more, search online for coupons and discounts. If you’re moving far, a pod may prove cheaper than a moving van or professional moving company, especially when considering the cost of gas.

But what if somebody doesn’t want do all these things and hasn’t got enough time what is the solution?

You can save on moving expenses with a moving company too. If you don’t want to move by yourself, you can still save on moving services with a professional moving company. Here is how:

  • Get binding estimates – Getting an estimate does not guarantee that the final bill will match the quoted price. Get a few moving estimates, but always ask for a binding estimate. In most cases, you can get such only when the moving company comes to do an in-house estimate. Only when a moving estimator sees all inventory intended for moving, they can give you a binding estimate. A binding estimate will help you stick to your budget.
  • Get quotes from several movers – Before hiring a moving company, be sure to shop around for the best price. We recommend getting quotes from at least three moving companies.
  • Get rid of old belongings– All of us have many of these old, huge and heavy furniture that we don’t even like. Get rid of these by donating or selling them. Have a garage sale or visit local nonprofit that accept such donations.
  • Pack yourself, leave only the big furniture for the movers – Since you want to cut your moving cost to the minimum, pack as much as you can yourself. By doing so you will greatly reduce the cost for packing supplies and mover workers and time that otherwise you would pay. Believe in your own packing skills.
  • Check about long carry costs – Figure out the distance between your home and the street and ask the moving company about their long carry fee. They should explain beyond what distance is considered long carry and from what floor they count it as such.
  • Move in off peak season –Choose a less expensive move date. Another great way to save on moving services is to choose to move in off peak season. This often means moving in the winter as most moving companies lower their rates as much as 30 percent. Moving in the winter is one of the best ways to cut the moving cost if you want to hire a moving company.
  • Maximize your vehicle load – If you’re driving to your new home across the city or to another state, you can save money by loading your vehicle up as fully as possible.

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