How to ask your friends for getting help in Moving?

If you’re relocating, you’re also probably looking for some good movers to help you haul your stuff. Asking friends for help on our own projects is always a is a big deal and bit tricky because takes time and effort and in the end, it’s all for you. Of course, they aren’t going to say no. They love you and are willing to help you in this time of need, and friends help make your moveless stressful.

Friends move
Friends move

  So if you’reaDo-It-Yourselfer when it comes to moving, or perhaps you just move around a lot and hire professional movers on a selective basis, here are some great tips to build up your network of friends who’ll always be happy to lend a hand. Remember that Everyone’s busy these days. Before your friends show up, make sure you have all the boxes and packing supplies you need. Pack all your belongings and clothes into boxes before they arrive.

When your friends arrive on moving day, everything should be boxed up and ready to go. Think about it: You’re asking someone to take out an entire day, lift, carry, push, drive, all for free and all for you, and at the end you must show appreciation for your friends’ time and effort.

Always show Your Gratitude. Asking someone to help you move is a favour. Your friend does not have to say Yes. They’re doing so because they are nice enough to help you out. There’s a bit of etiquette that goes into asking friends for moving help. After all, it’s not exactly a small ask. There are two approaches that work well when it comes to asking friends for help. The first is to start a Friend’s Circle of paying it forward. The second is the ask and reward approach.

Make a list of friends and family members who are in a similar situation to you. Each month the group gets together and helps out one member, or if the entire group isn’t required, break off into smaller groups to get things done. Maximize the skills your friends possess that could help everyone and continue moving forward. Make it clear that participation is completely voluntary and there will be no hard feelings toward those who aren’t interested. Make sure you provide the beer and pizza at the end of the day!

Another approach is the direct ask and reward. Again, selectively create a list of candidates who you think would be amenable to helping out. Contact them with a message such as this: I’m moving again! This time I’ve decided to take it on by myself, but I’ll need a little help.

To that end I’d like to invite you back for a Spaghetti Dinner and wine tasting in my new kitchen. Offer your friends a six pack of soda pop or juice boxes or whatever the Cool Teenz are into these days. 

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute. Consider Their Time. On moving day have everyone assembled early with their individual tasks and shifts outlined according to ability and interest. At the end if you are using other people’s vehicles to transport your stuff, you should reimburse them for the gas that was used.

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