Keep Organized While Your Moving

Keeping everything straight and balanced during Move is little bit tricky but doable. The good news is that with some tips it is possible.

Followings we mention some of our best tips for getting things organized and stay balanced before a major move:

1) Start a Moving Calendar:

Design your own schedule to fulfil everything during move beforehand and to keep you on track during the move. Make sure that you can keep up your appointments and important dates. Most importantly put in schedule when to pack, to clean, to order a truck, to move out, to arrive and then unpack. Surely any of these steps needs time and so they should be put in your calendar to do your best and have a stress free moving.  

2) Save names, numbers, and email addresses of anyone associated with your move:

You can start with the infos of your Move Captain. After him add the contact details of anyone associated with your move in your contact list to get in touch with your movers and coordinate and share the details with them. Another way that sometimes can be really helpful is to create a WhatsApp group and add anyone associated with your move during moving process to have anyone informed about what is going on.

3) Bookmark important locations and addresses on your map: 

To keep you from constantly searching, the great way is to pin these spots in one place on your Google Maps account. As well you can easily share these locations and addresses with anyone associated with your move during moving process through one message.

4) Keep your important documents safe during the Move:

Put a bag or a big folder to keep all your important papers like papers of leases, moving contracts, insurance declarations and etc to prevent misplace important papers.Keep this bag in a safe side and put this in your mind that with a little organisation upfront, your move will be much smoother. 

5) Coding the Boxes With coloured Tape:

The Boxes which all look the same are real catastrophe by Moving. To prevent mess and mixups, it is really helpful to colour code the boxes using several packing tapes in a variety of colours and styles. Specially during the move you or the Movers can easily decide where to put the boxes. This step is especially helpful if you’re moving a large family home with lots of stuff and essentials. As Packing sometimes needs several days before major Moving, may you need a very important piece of your stuff before move and unpacking. This way you know directly to open which box instead of staying between several boxes and guess which box includes your desired piece.

6) Printing the Inventory: 

Having printed inventory during the move will ease the loading and unloading process. Use the inventory throughout the move process to mark things as they get put in storage or unloaded from the truck can be a great way to keep tabs on the progress of your move.You can also get help from the driver to document the inventory as items get loaded on the truck or not. As well this can help you to know which boxes should be unloaded first, so you can prioritise the process only when you have an overview based on your inventory list. Give Secure Moving a call at 1-6047243432 today to see if we can help make your move easier or request a quote online.
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