How to overcome the psychological impacts of Moving?

Some people consider moving as a modern form of torture and find it terrible in every way, shape, and form. Some others say that relocation is an “intensely emotional experience.” We as Secure Moving LTD think it’s fair to say that moving is incredibly stressful, leaving many people clawing at their hair in anxiety and frustration, but the good news is that there is always a solution to decrease this burden of stress on yourself. The key solution of this problem is Organisation before, during and after Moving. Keeping organised using the following points won’t eliminate stress altogether, but it will reduce it and convert it to a manageable and doable task.


Start asap and design your own task schedule: 

At least 4 weeks of preparation is needed to have your possessions ready for the big day. Prepare lists of all the things you need and who should do it, then start delegating. If you decide to hire a moving company, you need to start as soon as possible. In Moving process we eat poorly, have disrupted sleeping patterns, and generally feel exhausted because we’re also trying to balance work, social obligations, and family on top. So having a plan to manage that will decrease all the stress bound to it. Have a few back up plans in case things go wrong.

Get help from your friends: 

You can easily ask a couple of friends or family members for help. You might be surprised at their willingness to assist you, especially if lunch and a few beers are provided. As you know already ‘many hands make light work’. 

Get rid of Junk: 

Do you really need all the old stuff? The answer of this question is resounding Absolutely Not. Be decisive to get rid of anything that you no longer need. It is difficult to let go of your belongings, but if they no longer play a role in your life, then moving them is worthless and need extra effort for no meaning. View packing the house as a chance to rid yourself of all the clutter (emotionally and physically) you have collected that doesn’t need to follow you in the future.

Stay positive and consider the good aspects of Moving: 

Moving away from your comfort zone, away from family and friends is the ideal time to re-assess the things that really matter in your life. It’s only fair to mention the excitement of getting to know an unknown place for the first time. Meeting and interacting with delightful individuals you never knew existed until that very moment while some of the new people you meet will become your friends in time is such a priceless gift and great experience. Consider joining groups, clubs or organisations which are dedicated to the things you love to do.

Reward yourself after a successful Move: 

Actually we must reward ourself for every productive thing we do because this help to maintain your mental well-being.

Plan to see a film in cinema or spend time with friends after a successful Mov. Even a leisurely walk can be rejuvenating. This way you encourage yourself to do your best for the task.

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