Top 6 To Do list before Moving Out ! Secure Moving Ltd.

Following are some points to be considered before you turn in your keys and before moving out:

1) Clean packing of the clothes:

Wash your clothes before packing. This step can only take some hours of your time before Moving out, but nowadays using washing machines is a quite easy step. This will help you to unpack and use them directly instead of thinking about which pieces were clean or dirty. So do it before Moving Out !

2) Informing about your new address:

Let your bank and magazine subscriptions and close friends know about your new address beforehand. 

3) Checking storage areas: 

You can do this step 2 days before your Move out date to be sure that nothing will be left behind. Check the spaces above refrigerator, behind the stairs or the cabinet. Look around for inconspicuous objects like air conditioners and mirrors that you pass by everyday, but might not think about. Make sure that nothing will left unpacked.

4) Garbage removal:

Either you can do this step by yourself or as an alternative you can get help from your provider to pick the trash up. As well prevent odors and keep the home smelling fresh. To help reduce odor around your waste area, remember to tightly bag your trash before placing it in your container.  This will help to reduce bacteria build up and odor caused by spilled garbage.

5) Clean thoroughly from A-Z:

A good cleaning is mandatory to save your security deposit payback. Making sure your apartment is clean might be one of the most important tasks of all. Check through your home room by room and clean every small space and appliance to ensure a smooth move and a full deposit returned.

You can start to clean bathrooms at once. Remove everything from the tubs and showers and spray them with cleaning products. Wipe down the walls, counters and ceiling with all-purpose cleaner. Clean the drawers, mirrors and windows. The floor is last when cleaning the bathroom. 

In the kitchen, pay special attention to any counter spaces, cupboards and the refrigerator and freezer. Don’t forget to clean the stove and the vent above it. As a last item you can clean the sink and may disinfect it as well.

6) Utilities turn off:

If the utilities are in your name shut them off and/or transfer them before Moving Out. In order to be in the safe side, you can turn them off for the day after you move out and turn them on a day before you arrive.

These are just a few of the many moving tips our moving Consultants can offer you as you plan your move! Give Secure Moving a call at 1-6047243432 today to see if we can help make your move easier or request a quote online.


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