How Your Move can be Easier by using a self Storage Unit?

Moving sometimes could be such a difficult experience to you that you feel like you need a university degree in Supply Chain Management to overcome this obstacle. There are so many tight moving steps, which can not be compromised and as a result some people decide to just stay out of it. But the good news is that is not really so complicated in nature. Lots of self-movers make the Move more hard than they need to be in reality only by forcing their move to transport everything all at once from point A to point B and in just one step.

But in the world of logistics this is not the Work Flow !

For e.g FedEx and DHL do not transport the packages directly from sender to receiver. Instead, they make transportation more efficient, reliable and flexible by  processing facilities snd using storage facilities to make it easier.

As a strategy Using a storage unit to keep your things temporarily during a move, Makes the Move easier in a number of ways.

Following we mention five ways to improve your move:


Mostly the most hard thing about a Move is how to fit it into your tight schedule.

For e.g a situation where you need to move out of your home on one date, but your new home will be ready to move in 10 days. You can stay by a friend for 10 days or at a hotel, but what about your stuff?

The Answer is: Rent a storage unit to keep your stuff in while you’re waiting for your new home to be ready, and keep your things safe there.

Right Timing:

You don’t need to move all of your things at one time out of the warehouse unit when your new home is ready. You can work according to your own schedule. You could even wait months before completely moving everything into your new home whenever you find free time and based on the necessity of the Stuff for your daily life.


Moving all the stuff at once is another way that often make things more difficult.

Have a lot to move, means renting multiple trucks and making multiple trips within a short period of time. Using a storage unit as an intermediate step, the move can be much more flexible and doable. For instance you only need to move your essentials on the main trip. Then you can manage to get the rest at your own leisure.

More Focus

There are always some complicating factors that make moving even more of a headache. For e.g changing your address, take care of young children or pets and transporting your vehicle.

By keeping some of your stuff in a storage unit, you don’t need to worry about everything all at once. Alternatively, you can concentrate on the essentials.

Adaptate to new home

Through keeping non-essentials in a warehouse rather than in new kitchen or dining room, you can adjust to live in this new space step by step. Then, you can go to your storage unit every weekend, moving and unpacking your boxes in smaller batches based on your priority. Many movers find this process crucial for an easy Moving.

These are just a few of the many moving tips our Storage Consultants can offer you as you plan your move! Give Secure Moving a call at 1-6047243432 today to see if we can help make your move easier or request a quote online.

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