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Before you can learn to cope with  your moving, you need to learn why the experience is so stressful. There are several possible reasons; those that apply to you will depend on your reason for moving, your personality, and other factors:

Worries – When moving away from friends and family, it is reasonable to feel worried. You may also have fears about whether you’ll enjoy your new life, make connections in your new community, and feel comfortable in your new home. Worries can also relate to the short term, such as concerns about the moving process itself.

Exhaustion – Sorting out many aspects of the move yourself can become tiring. Plus, there’s the physical labour of packing your possessions into boxes, shifting furniture around the house, and loading the van. Add to this a number of tedious tasks, from cancelling and setting up utilities to handling paperwork, and your exhaustion only increases.

Doubts – You may wonder if you made the right decision about moving. You may question whether you should have stayed in your current home or neighbourhood or if you should have chosen a different location.

Disruption – Moving is going to change your daily routine, and add a number of tasks to your day. The moving process can take weeks, and most people still need to work and get the kids to school at the same time.
How to Cope with Moving Stress

Once you’ve identified the reasons causing your stress, you can develop a strategies to combat the problem. Here are a few tips you can learn what to do and how to do:

Start looking forward to your move

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about moving. Some may be obvious, others less immediately so.

•Dedicate a few hours to the task of finding out as much as possible about your new location, researching online, checking out maps, and talking to people who know the area.

•Make a list of places you want to visit, from tourist spots to restaurants you’d like to try and events happening soon after you arrive.

If you’re concerned about making new friends, start planning how you can meet new people. Find out if there are any groups involved in your favorite hobbies, sign up for a class you’ve always wanted to try, and ask people you know for contacts.


Plan ahead for your move

You’ll be less likely to be stressed if you give yourself enough time to carry out all the important tasks related to your move. Create a list of everything you need to do, assign a time period, and leave nothing to the last minute.

You should start the planning stage at least eight weeks before your move — or even further in advance if your move is likely to be complicated or you’re the type of person who struggles to stay organized. Planning early will help you cope if anything unexpected happens.

Remember to include in your plan enjoyable activities, such as throwing a farewell party and visiting all your favourite places before you leave. You should also schedule plenty of time to relax and to say goodbye to individual friends and talk about how you’ll stay in touch.

Try to fit all the aspects of your plan into your regular routine — this will ensure you stay healthy and get sufficient rest.


Seek support for your move

If you’re moving to your new home alone, reach out to someone  for support specially your family. Find a friend or family member who has experience moving and ask for advice to simplify the process. If you need to drive a long distance, see if anyone is available to make the journey with you. Instead of a lonely journey, you’ll have a fun road trip.

If you’re moving with your family or a partner, give everyone the chance to adjust. Understand that each person will cope with the move differently and may need space to be alone at times. To avoid the move feeling like a constant chore, take a break from packing and unpacking by going on an outing with the kids or scheduling a date night.


Make plans to see friends and family

Moving is particularly challenging if you normally see your friends and relatives on a daily basis or if you are moving far away. Instead of worrying about how you’ll maintain your friendships, make plans to either return to your old neighborhood or for loved ones to visit you. Set dates on a calendar to encourage everyone to keep their word.

Turn your house into a home

Create a comfortable setting that feels like home in your new house. Along with the essentials, start by unpacking a few belongings that add a familiar touch, such as framed photos and your most prized possessions. You may want to unpack the rest of your items over the next few days or take your time transitioning over a matter of weeks. Do whatever feels right for you.

Returning to your routine as soon as possible will help you become settled faster. You can also use the opportunity to improve your lifestyle and develop better habits, such as eating healthier meals and exercising regularly. However, you should avoid going overboard, as this will make the move more difficult.

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