In order to remain calm it’s important to stay organized and what better way to stay organized than with a list? In order to help move you, we have compiled a moving checklist for things that are; pardon the pun, a bit out of the box. Feel free to print this off and use as you begin your adventure to a new home!

•Confirm the exact date, day of the week and time of your move. Do a quick internet search with the date and the city you live in to ensure no strange events will hinder the move (such as a parade or marathon.)

•Speak with your existing neighbours and let them know of your plans to depart. This way they’ll expect the commotion (and might even lend a hand!)

•Speak with your new neighbours (if possible) and let them know when you’ll be moving in. This is a nice gesture in case they are affected in anyway.

•Take Look into your Home Insurance Policy to ensure you have coverage for moving day.

•If your move is sponsored by your company, brief yourself on the details of the moving agreement.

•Call and book extra storage space (if needed.)

•Call all utility companies you will be cancelling so they are prepared to do final readings.

•Call all utilities that you will be transferring over to give them your new address.

•If possible, book 2 days off work; the day before your move and the day of are the smartest choices.

•Order any new furniture that you’ll want in your new place.

•Start depleting the amount of food you have. The more you eat, the less you’ll have to move.

•Make Sure you Book a cleaning service or put a hold on rental equipment (such as a carpet cleaner.)

•Call the offices of your doctors and specialists to tell them your plans to move. If you’re moving far enough away, you could even get referrals to new offices in your destination community.

•Ensure all bank, education and employer institutions have your updated addresses.

•Go to your local post office and have your mail forwarded to your new address.

•Send an email to all associations, clubs or charities you are affiliated with notifying them of updated address.

•If needed, arrange for someone to look after your pets on moving day

•If needed, arrange for someone to look after your kids on moving day

•Defrost your freezer in advance.

•Make a kit to keep with you on moving day. Include a black marker, an allen key, a screwdriver, a knife, tape, candles, light bulbs, hand cream (boxes make for very dry hands) and a rag.

•Put your valuables and documents in a safe place (consider keeping them with whoever is looking after your pets or kids!)

•Once you’re moved in, consider changing the locks to ensure safety.

Transporting your belongings to your new house is the most time consuming aspect of moving. When choosing a method, one of the considerations should be what method will be the easiest and least stressful for your family.

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