Bad Cleaning Habits to be Stopped !

Everyone is keen to maintain cleanliness of his home. In order to fulfil this mission anyone has learnt instinctively some DIY techniques and methods and uses them on regular basis to keep his house fresh and hygienic. Nevertheless there are some Bad cleaning habits among these techniques which must be stopped.

Bad cleaning habits do not only add hours to our cleaning time, but they also make our cleaning effort futile and inefficient. The good news is that correcting some of these bad habits can increase the efficiency of our efforts for home cleaning dramatically. So Do not feel guilty and learn from your mistakes and do not be creatures of habit !


Secure Moving LTD enlists the most important points for you to consider while cleaning after getting advice from experts of this field. The following Bad cleaning habits you’d be better off breaking to make cleaning faster and easier:


  • Allowing Paper Clutter to Accumulate like Magazines, newspapers, school papers and paper letters
  • Leaving Dirty greasy Dishes in the Sink & Using too much dish soap
  • Wearing Outside Shoes in the House
  • Leaving Wet Towels and Shower Curtains Bunched Up on the floor
  • Waiting Until the Cleaning Job Is Overwhelming
  • Forgetting to use product directions
  • Trying to do Multitasking 
  • Storing Cleaning Products Incorrectly
  • Using One Disinfectant Wipe to Clean Entire Bathroom
  • Using Too Much Cleaning Product and in Excess
  • Cleaning With Dirty cleaning Tools
  • Heading Straight for Harsh Cleaning Products
  • You don’t finish what you start
  • Stuffing Everything in One Place
  • Not Closing the Shower Curtain
  • Using Bleach as a Cleaner
  • Storing Moldy Bath Mats & Shower Curtains
  • Using too much paper towels


Cleaning is one of the most laborious tasks, and with these bad habits, it becomes even more challenging to keep. Secure Moving LTD in cooperation with Serena Cleaning LTD as one of the most flexible mobile cleaning companies to date is dedicated to deliver the highest quality of Residential, and commercial cleaning services. We can handle all types of jobs regardless of the project size and our priority is making sure our clients are completely satisfied. Our mission is to ensure the best quality service, and extensive attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our flexible services and our expertise. Our clients can expect only the best from us, and nothing less.

Hazards in your Home sweet home which can make you sick

When we compare the way of living between generations, we can identify that the way of living has been changed dramatically between various generations. Our homes are supposed to be the safest place of the world as we rest and renew ourselves and make ourselves ready for new challenges of the outdoor life but unfortunately there are some conditions which make them not so healthy to live.

For most of human history, human being has lived in housing with lots of fresh air. Now we have air tight doors and windows, caulking and insulations that do not let enough ventilation into a home. Energy efficient Star rated homes that reduce fresh air infiltration into homes based on energy conservation are considered the “gold standard’ nowadays. This overall lack of fresh air can increase levels of indoor contaminants and humidity.

Anyone uses nowadays chemicals to clean and to add fragrance to the indoor air, spray pesticides, lead paints, air fresheners, candles and asbestos in homes. Beside them as a result of modern way of life we use plastics and foams that can off gas chemicals. These are all made from potentially toxic chemicals. 

Indeed there are many environmental problems in your home which can be converted to a real risk factor when you leave them untreated. There are always at least one of these potential hazards in your home which can make you sick and you must address it accordingly to prevent it from causing problems. 

Secure Moving LTD has provided you the list of Common corners of your home and things that can make you sick in your home:

➢Hidden Mold & Mildew most probably due to High humidity and Improper ventilation

➢Your Household harsh chemical cleaning Products & Artificial fragrance

➢Kitchen Blender

➢Lead Paint and Asbestos

➢Vacuum Cleaners and Dust inside it which is a good place for breeding bacteria 

➢Door Handles, Computer Keyboards, Washing Machines and Dishwashers

➢Central Heating and/or Cooling System Vents

➢Refrigerator Trays & Drawers and Refrigerator Handle

➢Water damage and Leaky Pipes. Dirty faucets and sinks

➢Tightly sealed or poor ventilated corners

➢Unwashed Bed Sheets, carpets and Bath Mats

➢Wall-to-Wall Carpet

➢Dirty Can Openers

➢Display of your cellphones and tablets 

➢Your Shower Head which contains high amount of bacteria

➢Contaminated Heating and Cooling Systems 

➢Your pet’s fur, dander and fecal matter

➢Re-usable grocery bags

Secure Moving LTD in cooperation with Serena Cleaning LTD as one of the most flexible mobile cleaning companies to date is dedicated to deliver the highest quality of Residential, and commercial cleaning services. We can handle all types of jobs regardless of the project size and our priority is making sure our clients are completely satisfied. Our mission is to ensure the best quality service, and extensive attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our flexible services and our expertise. Our clients can expect only the best from us, and nothing less.

Smart ways to reduce Trash at your home

While going plastic-free or zero-waste can seem an almost impossible task, there are multiple ways we can Reduce trash at home to do our part for the planet by little steps. Reducing Trash means rescuing our planet earth and at the same time we can save money.

The main 2 problems of waste production is first using up our planet’s finite resources and second polluting our environment. 

We should always ask ourself how low can we get out trash output to go. Depending on where we live, we can easily switch to a smaller garbage output by modifying our lifestyle. We can accomplish this task by following some delicate steps to move towards a more waste-free lifestyle. Following these steps means we’ll not only be going green, we’ll be saving green to protect our environment!

Secure Moving LTD has provided you some Points to follow which help you to reduce Trash at your home dramatically as followings:

➢Buy fresh products that don’t come in plastic wrap

➢Buy in bulk whenever it is possible or buy products with minimal or recyclable packaging

➢Use sustainable tote bag instead of plastic bags as an alternative. Keep reusable grocery bags in your car. Start relying on reusable containers

➢Buy durable reusable things instead of disposable ones to boost  your waste-free lifestyle for e.g stop using disposable plates

➢Use eco-friendly glass jars and containers to store bulk goods bought from grocery shops in your kitchen 

➢Always try to buy high quality long-term items which are durable even if they are more expensive 

➢Consider buying clean second hand or used items instead of purchasing brand new ones

➢Share or donate unwanted or useless items of your possessions 

➢Don’t  buy useless items just because they have offer or you find them cheap. Think twice before you buy anything

➢Join buy-and-sell groups, sharing groups and Free-cycling groups on social media

➢Learn to Repair old items instead of throwing them away and buying new ones, for e.g in case of clothes, furniture and sometime shoes 

➢Compost the kitchen scraps. Turn food scraps into valuable dirt for enriching the soil of your garden which helps wonderfully to live a waste-free existence

➢Buy reusable or recyclable water bottles 

➢Use your own mug rather than a paper cup when buy coffee at  local coffee shop 

➢Use rechargeable batteries

➢Use baby cloth diapers 

➢Switch to paperless billing, communication and bureaucracy by using Email more frequently rather than paper. Read e-books instead of paper books

➢Refill the ink cartridges instead of purchasing new ones

➢Make your own food instead of buying fast food or packed one

➢Repurpose materials rather than just discarding them

➢Buy products with Compostable packaging. Buy woody or organic versions of typically plastic items like comb, brush and etc if available


We should accept the reality that our escalating consumerism is continually producing more Reduce trash. Probably the easiest way to reduce our trash problem is simply to consume less, however it is  sometimes a difficult job as many people can not withstand the huge marketing attempts of big companies in digital world. 


Moving towards a waste-free existence will save our planet and ensures to leave a healthier planet for our new generations. The good news is that nowadays thanks to new technologies human being can make energy out of garbage. The concept of renewable Energy is huge and promising for our planet. But in spite of that we should do our best to put our part for the planet.


How to Motivate Yourself for Moving

In reality Moving can be a truly stressful demotivating task. Lots of people have no motivation to pack and find Moving tremendously overwhelming tough experience and as a result, lack of this motivation can be disturbing to your process. In this article we try to show you how you can Move with fun and keep the stress away from yourself.

The good news from Secure Moving LTD is that there are some delicate points to combat this mental state which boost your energy to have a more powerful drive toward accomplishing the task as good as possible.

Above everything you should Create a Checklist that composed of the tasks that you need to complete by the end of Moving. By having this list you can easily divide certain tasks between the days that you have in your time limit. Breaking the packing process into manageable mini tasks is another aspect of this checklist. This way you can effectively lower the burden of stress on yourself. So Don’t procrastinate! 

Calling some of your closest friends to help as extra hands and planning some fun with them can as well motivate you to get the task done easier. Ordering some packs of cold refreshing Bier and Pizzas accompanied by your favourite music can keep the stress away from you and make the atmosphere more encouraging. Any activity, no matter how tedious and repetitive, can be accompanied with fun when you do it together with your close friends.

Hiring Professional and well reputed Moving team for doing the difficult part of Moving task like lifting heavy items, getting right sized truck and insured Move can be really helpful for you, as they are trained, well equipped and have good experience to help you to cross the bridge successfully.

Purchasing new Items for the New Home as a reward system can be really motivating as first of all shopping has a role in reducing the stress and at the same time this step motivates you to finalise the Moving quickly to unpack new items and enjoy your new house in a fresh atmosphere. Don’t forget that moving is the best occasion to get rid of old useless items that you otherwise don’t dare to throw them away.

One of the advantages of a Moving is that you get chance to meet new people, make new relationships and enjoy them possibly. So always think positive about a Moving that you get this chance to get along with new friends. 

By Moving you can collect some experiences and it is really joyful when you get the job done. Despite the barriers that you have don’t forget that it is a doable task and there are people around to help you with it. You can get useful tips in our website which help you to get the task done as smooth as possible.

We understand that moving is very stressful, and the most difficult things you would ever do, but Secure Moving LTD makes it efficient and easy for you from beginning to the end covering all kinds of moving job including residential, commercial and office move. To book Vancouver B.C residential moving services make sure to Contact Us and we will be more than happy to hear and help you!